Designed as a tool to aid business recovery, this industry first platform will become a pivotal asset to the operation of your organisation. Attain powerful business intelligence, customer feedback and manage your legal policies all through one system to help you make better data driven decisions.

By utilising this remarkable platform, your business will harness the benefits of:


Receive immediate business intelligence to establish your position within the modern market on a national, regional and local level through Touchstone Benchmarking.

Select a competitive set to benchmark your venue against to see how you are faring within the current market in areas such as average day rates, event bookings and the upselling value of your venue. Through these real time reports, you will be able to identify areas of weakness within your business strategy to improve on in order to secure a competitive edge for your venue.

Customer Feedback

Manage customer feedback for your meetings and events from contract through to post event. Upload your contracted events into the system and Touchstone will automatically send tailored feedback questionnaires to your clients.

By reviewing customer feedback both pre and post event you can determine whether your venue met the clients expectations, assess the upselling value of your product, evaluate employee performance and identify areas of improvement for your venue,  to ensure you continue to deliver high standards across all departments of your business.  

Net Promoter Score

Upon completion of the customer feedback questionnaires, you will have the ability to track your Net Promoter Score. This powerful metric will enable you to assess customer satisfaction and forecast business growth by evaluating the likelihood of gaining new or repeat business from bookers.

AIM Secure Legal Document Store

Being able to demonstrate legal compliance is a priority amongst buyers, with clients often requiring proof of legal policies before placing a booking with your venue. Through this system you can store your legal compliance documents all in one place and receive notifications when your policies are due to expire. At any point, you can view your documents to send directly to clients.

Once you have uploaded your legal documents to miaTouchstone, you will then be able to access the other features of this remarkable platform.

This business tool is offered free of charge and available exclusively to AIM Secure Members.

To enrol your venue and start using Touchstone today, please contact our team here