miaList 2020

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miaList 2020

 The 2020 miaList will continue to shine a spotlight on the industry’s greatest talent but this year the whole judging process will go online!


Remote Judging

The miaList judging process has always included a face to face meeting with judges for every nominee, it is this element that makes the whole miaList awards so unique, so special and so sought after. 

Every nominee who goes through the face to face judges meeting has had a chance to ‘shine’ for the judges, the judges have scrutinised every nomination and only the very best make it through; this year will be no different.

We have developed a new judging process that will combine the robustness of the tried and trusted process, respect  social distancing while recognsing  the inevitable busy diaries when the industry opens for business once more.

The nomination process will open here soon, so now is the time to start preparing!


Special Award

The 2020 awards will include recognition of an inspirational individual who, against all odds, deserves special credit for managing and leading their organisation’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

This award offers the perfect opportunity to say ‘thank you, you really were great’ to anyone in your business that is going that extra mile to support your organisation, your team and your customers.


Start Preparing Now!

Full details of all of the categories, as well as the remote and streamlined judging process, will be revealed very soon but in the meantime,  you can start preparing your 500 words to support your nomination now!


All Industry Celebration

The miaList 2020 will be celebrated at a special event designed to bring the industry together as we recognise those individuals who will have made it onto the 2020 list.

In 2020 the celebratory event, which is scheduled to be held on Friday, November 6th , will also be a time for the whole industry to breathe a huge sigh of relief as we near the end of a year which will have seen the industry reeling from the impacts of the Coronavirus Pandemic.


So start thinking, who do you want the industry to recognise on the miaList 2020?