mia Future Fit Conference 2019: Meeting the World of Opportunity

Monday 11th March
09:30 hrs - 16:30 hrs

America Square, London

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Event Summary

We’re taking a giant leap into the future with expert-led insights into the economic and technological evolution of the meetings and events industry at our Future Fit Conference 2019.

Forecasting remarkable innovation and creativity, guests will hear from an impressive series of keynote speakers on all things futuristic, with a primary focus on artificial intelligence, augmented reality and the economy.

The Future Fit Conference will explore sustainability, the issue surrounding single-use plastics and the necessary steps the industry should take to change its behaviour in the future.

Guests will be given the knowledge to look forward towards an exciting future of opportunity and imagination, by using technology to enhance human capabilities, as opposed to replacing it. AI will be scrutinised as a money saving tool, emanating human error and possibly delivering superior service. By getting a head start on the changes likely to occur over the coming years, we as an industry are at a brilliant advantage to embrace and be ready for such changes!

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Meet the speakers

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Azeem Azhar David Russell Declan Curry
 Richard Lewis Rob Holdway Atsushi Ishii
  Peter Hancock  

Venue Location
1 America Square, 17 Crosswall, London EC3N 2L
Venue Location