AIM Excellence

The AIM process encourages continuous improvement through AIM Higher and can take a venue to the peak of service excellence at gold level.

AIM Accreditation at the highest level is a significant achievement - one that you'll want to shout about. Promoting your achievement will help to attract better business, engage and develop your staff and increase efficiency of your business.

AIM Higher venues uphold quality, professionalism and credibility.

How does the process work?

To AIM Higher and achieve silver or gold accreditation (an optional step for venues) the customer journey and business processes are independently assessed and examines:

AIM Gold 1

  • Business planning
  • Resources
  • Researching and monitoring your customers’ needs
  • Creating the customer environment
  • Booking information and procedures
  • Pricing and payment procedures
  • Service delivery
  • Customer service
  • Business recovery
  • Steps to continuous improvement 

Venues will be required to submit evidence to support each section, ensuring all evidence is readily available on the day of assessment.

Though preparation for the assessment is demanding, the rewards are endless with reduced staff turn-over, regular repeat business, RFP time saving and an increase to bottom line being reported frequently by achievers.

To review a sample of the assessment process at the higher levels of AIM or to find out more please call 0345 230 5508

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The preparation for assessment is demanding but achieving Gold again is the ultimate benchmark of quality. We view it as a vote of confidence in our facilities, our high standards across what is on offer, and particularly, in our staff. We have a dedicated in-house team who take every measure to ensure an event runs as smoothly as possible and are on hand to deliver the flexibility, knowledge and expertise for every step of a client’s journey with us.

Mark Fields FIH - operations director, Victory Services Club