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Following this week’s announcements and the subsequent support packages presented by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, we are urgently declaring to government the need for a tailored package of business support for the industry.

Ahead of Monday’s parliamentary debate regarding further financial support to both the events and hospitality industry, we are calling for:

  • Extended business rates holiday to April 2022
  • Extended Furlough until end Q3
  • CBILS and Bounce Back
  • Underwrite events insurance
  • Recovery package
  • Change in government responsibility for the sector 

With this in mind, we have compiled a dedicated lobbying letter to be shared with local MPs to demonstrate our concerns and the necessary intervention that is now needed to support our industry and its business through this next period of enforced business closure.

Using our template you will only be required to update the relevant contact name and address prior to sharing with your local MP, with all the necessary contact information for your local MP readily available here.

Click here to download the customisable letter