Working with Third Party Partners

We frequently partner with other trade associations, institutes and private sector partners to deliver products, services and policies that are likely to be to the benefit of all mia members.  On these occasions we follow published guidelines in regard to the adoption and or the promotion of the policy or scheme.


  • Paper or presentation to our Council by third-party organisation.
  • Council to declare any conflict of interest with the product, service or provider
  • All financial implications budgets and other arrangements examined for sustainability
  • Council vote the motion is considered carried on a majority vote
  • Adoption or rejection is notified to the third-party
  • In the event of Adoption, a contract will be prepared guiding the obligations of each of the parties
  • Contract (to include start and end date, financial obligations of all parties and promotional agreements) prepared and signed by the CE, mia Chair and the third-party organisation.

Promotional Policy

  • Joint press releases to be prepared where appropriate
  • mia Brand to appear on all collateral
  • mia to be recognised as ‘Working in Partnership with [Partners organisation]’
  • mia brand to appear on partner’s website with link to
  • Partners brand to appear on mia website with link back.