Webinar: Positivity, Purpose & Pro-Activity



Thursday 14 May
10:30 hrs - 11:15 hrs 


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Webinar Summary

During this unprecedented time, it’s now more than ever imperative that we stay focused on sales. In this interactive session, Alison will discuss the importance of pro-active selling and remaining positive to help you reduce any worries and improve your mindset. This will arm you with focus and structure which will ultimately lead to more sales.

About Alison Edgar

Leaving the world of blue-chip sales, Alison Edgar set up her own business to work with entrepreneurs, start-ups and teams. According to Forbes magazine "90% of start-up businesses fail", Alison made it her mission to flip this statistic on its head and give every business a fighting chance.

Since, she has been crowned ‘The Entrepreneurs Godmother’ by a plethora of successful entrepreneurs including Dragon’s Den and Apprentice Winners. In recognition of her outstanding contribution to enterprise, Alison was invited to attend the Queen’s Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace and was named one of the UK’s Top Ten business advisers. She also regularly consults with Downing Street to give her opinions on the business landscape.

Based on her work with entrepreneurs, Alison now works with huge conglomerates such as Sky and The Discovery Channel to teach their teams to think intrapreneurially which encourages growth mindsets, outside of the box thinking, and leads to an increase in sales.

Alison’s debut book ‘Secrets of Successful Sales’, is an international best-seller with over 120 5-star reviews, has been stocked in the Top 10 Business Books in WHSmith, and was featured in the Independent’s 2019 Top Business Books written by Women.

 Alison Edgar

What will be covered:

Fixed and Growth Mindsets


What is pro-active selling?

How can pro-activity build stronger relationships?

Good Questioning Techniques


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