Meet the Agent: Venue Queen

Venue Queen

 Venue Queen

If you’ve ever searched for a venue, you know just how much time it takes to find the right one which works best for your event.

Venue Queen does this for you, taking stress out of finding the perfect venue for your event, absolutely free of charge.

Every event has unique requirements, Venue Queen understands the different needs of events, and with over three decades of working with quality venues all across the UK.

After over 30 years in the hospitality industry, working across chains and independent venues, across the UK, the founder of Venue Queen Claire Lee loved the industry but wanted a change, so I set up Venue Queen in May 2016 as an independent venue finding agency, working across the UK, expanding to overseas in March 2019.

Venue Queen expanded in 2018 welcoming Lisa to the team, to deal with the ever growing demands of its clients. It has clients across all sectors with a variety of requirements, needs and budgets.  All its clients come word of mouth, and enjoy the fact that we want to learn about them to match what they do to their ideal venue.


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