Venue Contracts Workshop

Friday 8th February
09:00 hrs - 17:00 hrs

One Park Crescent, London

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Event Summary

Many experienced practitioners in the industry still see the venue contract as either a necessary chore or a tool to make sure the “other side” doesn’t get the better of you. 

Doing business should be about win:win and the best practice approaches to contracting will ensure that that is the outcome. 

This workshop not only discusses the legal necessities, it also focuses on the practical applications and how by adopting appropriate policies and practices, both the venue and its clients can get more out of their relationship.  After attending this workshop, your whole approach to the venue contract will change for the better!


Through this workshop, delegate will: 

  1. Understand how venue contracts work and explore their essential ingredients.
  2. Examine terms and conditions, their role and how to make them work for them.
  3. Review cancellation charges, why and how they are arrived at.
  4. Explore the dichotomy of need and how to more easily convert bookings to contract.
  5. Review the adoption of best practices in the contracting process.

 Workshop Programme: 

  • What is a contract and why are they required
  • Contracts v terms & conditions – what’s the difference 
  • Essentials of a meetings venue contract
  • Terms & conditions – legal aspects including
  • liabilities, payment terms, obligations & rights
  • Remedies for breach of Contract
  • Cancellation charges - MIA model terms and liquidated damages
  • Force Majeure
  • Dichotomy of needs
  • Best Practice – processes, principles, policies
  • Examples of terms and conditions from the industry
  • Service Level Guarantees

Who Should Attend

M&E decision and policy makers – Conference Managers, General Managers, Sales Managers

M&E booking staff

Agents and/or Clients who book events

About Nick Milne

Nick Milne has been involved with the conference industry as an operator and as an innovator, for most of his working life.  Having followed a 35+ year career path through operational and general management posts, he specialised in conference hotels in particular and claims to have “grown with the industry”.

His hotel path has taken him through Crest and Thistle Hotels and the independent Down Hall Country House Hotel and he now heads up the domestic services and commercial activity as College Steward at Robinson College, Cambridge.  

Amongst other extra-curricular activity, he is involved in shaping the Cambridge University conference offering as a Director of the Cambridge Venue Company and farther afield has been a member of the Training Academy Committee for the HBAA.  Nick is an External Examiner for University of Westminster and an active proponent of the Meetings Industry Association, initially as a Regional Chair and more recently as Chairman of the Board and currently as Hon. Secretary.   In his Board capacities, he has championed the quality that venues should offer their clients and was one of the original design brains behind the Accredited in Meetings (AIM) scheme.  The open nature of relations with clients is a mainstay for him so it is unsurprising that his knowledge and drive towards carefully constructed contracts of business are close to his heart. 


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