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Friday 6 March
13:00 hrs - 17:00 hrs

Events @ No 6, London

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Event Summary

The pace of life is getting faster and faster, and time to reflect, plan, and act is becoming more scarce. The demands on our leadership are growing all the time. In order to survive and thrive we need to cultivate a new set of skills to run alongside those that we have developed up to now. 

 The Unlocking Your Leadership experiential workshop starts with the self. Before we can lead, we need to know ourselves and know our leadership.

 This workshop is an opportunity to better know your leadership and explore how you might step out of your comfort zone, and into the leader you are becoming; how you might try on new ways to demonstrate more effective, powerful leadership.

We’ll start with an experiential exercise exploring what limiting beliefs might be holding back your individual leadership, and look at what shifts are needed for you to deliver more effective and creative leadership. We’ll then help you broaden the range of your leadership by investigating your preferred leadership position and learning how and when you might use other leadership positions.

 Sometimes people think they only have one leadership style available. The good news is there are six leadership styles we can all use. In this workshop you’ll identify your preferred leadership style/s and those more stretching leadership style/s. This will help you intentionally choose your leadership style to better fit any specific moment. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect and share what new leadership attitudes and behaviours you’ll be applying in your role in your organisation. You’ll leave the workshop with the potential of your leadership unlocked, a better sense of what’s holding your leadership back, and specific new attitudes and behaviours you’re going to try on in your organisation.

 There will be additional reading provided after the workshop.

About Duncan Muller     

Duncan Mullers’ purpose is to unlock the potential of leaders and teams to enable them to create the world they imagined.

Whether it’s developing courageous leadership where leaders stand up for what they believe in, compassionate leadership that gets the best from others, or developing more creative, intelligent, high performing teams, Duncan is very passionate about his work. With experience working with CEO’S, Directors, and senior business leaders across various sectors including marketing and media, financial services, IT and education, Duncan has even faced the challenging environment of HM Prisons.

Before becoming a coach, Duncan spent more than 20 years in the creative and marketing industries, internationally and in the UK, across brands such as Renault, Visa and Ballantine’s, mostly within senior client roles. With experienced leadership (good and bad) and led countless teams across many organisations, Duncan loves to learn and grow. He is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), a Certified Organisational and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSCC) and accredited at the Professional Certified Coach level by the ICF. Duncan’s qualifications go beyond his passion for coaching, including a BA in Fine Art, various marketing qualifications and a Master in Business Administration (MBA).

Duncan Muller


The workshop will cover the following:

  • Limiting beliefs holding back your leadership
  • Leadership competencies driving effective leadership
  • The three leadership positions
  • The six leadership styles (with reading material)
  • An opportunity to apply the learnings to your organisation

Who Should Attend

  • A recently-promoted leader
  • Rising stars wanting to develop their leadership skills
  • A leader wanting to be more courageous, and speak their truth
  • A leader wanting to better relate to, connect with, and get the most from their team
  • A leader who wants to stand in their own power whilst respecting others and bringing them along with them
  • Raising a leader’s self-esteem and confidence in their leadership
  • A leader wanting to offer more visionary, strategic leadership


Member: £45+VAT
Non-Member: £75+VAT

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