Webinar: The New You



Tuesday 30 June
10:30 hrs - 11:30 hrs 


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Webinar Summary

What does the new you look like? How is this unique and unfortunate situation going to change you – if possible for the stronger and better? We all have opportunities and never more than ever have we been reminded that…

Everything we say or don’t say has an impact on others. Everything we do or don’t do also has an impact on others too. So how does this change your and your consideration of what is right?

About James Lee

Passionate about people and the world of events, I am dedicated to helping businesses fulfil their potential through their people. Creating environments where people can thrive and perform to the best of their ability is what motivates me. Training, coaching, development and leadership are what inspires me and is the cocktail that encourages people to perform and businesses to grow. Over 25 years in hospitality, events, senior management, training and coaching has taught me that nothing is ever black and white.

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What will be covered:

This session combines two models:

The Business builder and the You builder. We will look at ways for you to explore the pillars that will make you stronger and help you plan new business strategies.

Key takeaways/topic area:

  • Consideration of the personal opportunity that exists
  • Understand and use the ‘Business Builder’ model
  • Understand and use the ‘You Builder’ model


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