The Importance of Consultative Selling



Thursday 17 September
11:30 hrs - 12:30 hrs 


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Webinar Summary

Did you know that 72% of business to business buyers want to work alongside a consultant, not someone who is going to sell at them? With this in mind, salespeople need to pitch themselves as experts in order to consult and advise their clients, ultimately building trust and longer-term business relationships.

This interactive virtual workshop delivered by Selling Savvy, will highlight the changes people need to make, to successfully sell in current times with an emphasis on consultative selling vs product selling.

Starting with the definition of Consultative Selling, this workshop will also cover the importance of using this selling style in the current market whilst discovering how to pitch yourself as a consultant and why it works to build loyalty and trust. In this interactive workshop, the selling savvy team will help you analyse your current sales techniques an advise you on ways to adjust this to a more consultative style.

About Selling Savvy

Kate Plowright

Kate has hands on experience of proactive and reactive sales along with event organisation and people management.

She launched Selling Savvy in 2018 because she is passionate about delivering effective workshops and mentoring that gives teams the opportunity to be empowered to make the right strategic decisions, whilst having strong backing from their management.

Kate Plowright

Femke Millership

Femke has been in the event and hospitality industry since 2002 and has set up MICE cluster offices, worked to implement new yield management systems and managed large reactive sales teams.

Femke is extremely passionate about the event industry and absolutely loves passing her enthusiasm, experience and conversion ideas onto sales teams!

Femke Millership

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of proving yourself as a consultant, not just a sales rep  (72% OF B2B buyers want a consultant, not to be sold at)
  • How do clients want to be sold to, and what they really don’t want to hear
  • What has changed in selling since pre-COVID
  • What the best salespeople are doing right now


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