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Wednesday 17 March
11:00 hrs - 12:00 hrs 


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Webinar Summary

Online video meetings are here to stay. They have become recognised as effective, easy to arrange, and very time efficient; they have also removed the need for journeys and the maintenance of suitable meeting facilities. There is no doubt that face to face meetings will return but the convenience of meeting online is too appealing for the clock to be completely turned back.

This webinar explains to you the techniques that have been shown to be particularly effective when holding online meetings.

At the end of the webinar you will have discovered how to run a meeting that will enable you to engage with people so that they will like you, trust you, be compelled by your arguments, and consequently want to cooperate and collaborate with you. Delegates will find the subject matter useful not only for all meetings but especially for making all their communications more effective.

The webinar is presented by peter Beard, together with Dr William Baldry. You will find it interesting, entertaining and vitally useful. The webinar includes some excellent performances from Will Baldry.

About Peter Beard

Peter Beard is a soft skills trainer and presenter who created and presented the highly acclaimed Influence and Persuasion workshops. Peter has been providing people skills training to companies since 2015, and his workshops have a reputation for increasing staff confidence and boosting productivity. In 2017 he created the Influence and Persuasion workshop that he presents with Dr Will Baldry and since 2020 he has been busy converting his workshop content into webinars and tutorials for his website-

Peter, a former chartered accountant, became convinced about the importance soft skills some twenty years ago when running a company that required highly skilled staff to work together in a customer facing business. His first encounter into the advantages of training people with focussed people skills was when he studied to become an NLP practitioner, which in turn led him to develop his highly successful Influence and Persuasion workshops. As well as providing bespoke in-house workshops for companies he has been running workshops for small businesses in Stockport and Glossop. The workshops are very well reviewed and the testimonials at give an indication of how popular the workshops are.

 Speaker Peter Beard

What will be covered:

  • Online etiquette
  • Meeting planning
  • Building empathy
  • Managing conflict


The techniques discussed in this webinar will enable you to:

  1. Control the meeting.
  2. Influence the outcome.
  3. Make people want to collaborate and cooperate with you.
  4. Successfully close the meeting.


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