Commit & Reduce Reliance on Single Use Plastics

Sign the Pledge & Commit

As part of our Inspiring Change programme, we are asking organisations to commit to reducing the use of single-use plastic in their organisations by a minimum of 20% each year with a target to be single-use plastic-free by 2025.

Whether you are a chain of hotels or conference centres, an independent hotel or conference centre, a sporting stadium, a castle, a university venue, a supplier, a booking agent, in fact, whichever space you occupy within our massive industry, the mia is asking you to commit and sign the pledge.

Choosing your own timeframe of one, two, three or four years, we are asking you to eliminate singe-use plastic from your business by 2025 by pledging to:

  • Remove, in the first year of your commitment, plastic bottles, plastic pens, plastic stirrers, plastic cups and glasses and pledge to remove plastic cutlery from your business
  • Focus on elimination, reduction and re-use rather than simply substituting single-use plastic items such as those made of bioplastic
  • Be innovative and openminded to alternative solutions but consider the full lifecycle of a product, including its disposal before deploying it, to ensure any alternatives are sustainable and do not create unintended negative effects
  • Not give away any promotional items made of single-use plastic
  • Commit to your own organisational target and measure your progress
  • Nominate a champion within your business to help achieve your objectives
  • Explore the commercial benefits of not using single-use plastics
  • Influence your supply chain
  • Influence and educate your internal teams and your customers to not use single-use plastic products within your business

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