Release the power of your values for authentic happiness

Wednesday 16th January
10:00 hrs - 16:00 hrs 

IET Savoy Place, London

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Event Summary

To celebrate the start of a new year, this session is aimed to help people connect with what is important to them (personal values) and learn how to consciously live a life which is authentically aligned.

Alan Williams, business coach and internationally acclaimed author, shares how you can enjoy a greater sense of happiness and fulfilment by living your personal values …in practice.  In this session, Alan will explain how you can practice your values every day, starting today! 

  1. Personal values – what they are and why they are important in our context and choices (in our personal lives and at work)

  2. my31Practices – translating personal values into day to day behaviours - why and how it works and the detail of what you do to work with it

  3. Starting to create a personal set of myPractices and discussion


Through this workshop, delegates will have: 

  • the opportunity to take part in a personal values assessment to start to identify personal values

  • the confidence to explain the importance of personal values, the benefits of leading a life aligned with them and the implications of not doing this

  • hands on insight into how to translate personal values into practical behaviour every day

Aimed at anyone who wants to help themselves and their employees to feel fulfilled in their jobs through greater awareness of and alignment with their personal values.

About the Speaker

Alan started his career in the hospitality and events sector. He now coaches leaders of progressive service sector organisations, internationally and in the UK, to deliver values-driven service for sustained performance. He is a published author and international speaker whose projects have delivered measurable business impact across a balanced score-card and been recognised with industry awards.

Alan’s co-authored books “THE 31 PRACTICES: release the power of your organisation’s VALUES every day” and “My 31 Practices: release the power of your values for authentic happiness” have received international critical acclaim.

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