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The issue of single-use plastic has gained increased exposure in recent months, with more and more organisations outlining their ambitions and commitments to combat the pressing matter. Here you'll be able to keep up-to-date with all the latest developments surrounding single-use plastics, where we hope to reinforce the need to reduce plastic usage across the meetings and event industry is so important. 

Date Media Outlet Headline
24 January Top 10 tips to eliminate single-use plastics from your business
09 January Evening Standard Single-use plastic lifespans: How long do straws, polystyrene cups and microbeads take to decompose?
07 January The Guardian 'Ditch cling film and switch to soap': 10 easy ways to reduce your plastics use in 2019
05 December  Industry Europe Single-use plastics ban: The lowdown
08 November GreenPeace Now that 'single use' is the word of the year, plastic's days are numbered
06 November BBC News This country banned plastic bags - should we?
05 November Financial Times Recycling alone will not solve the plastic problem
29 October Express How we trash 295bn bits of plastic a year
25 October The Times EU Parliament in overwhelming vote to outlaw single-use plastics
25 October The Telegraph Fight against plastic moves to space as satellites track pollution
24 October The Guardian European parliament approves sweeping ban on single-use plastics
24 October BBC News Single-use plastic ban approved by European Parliament
24 October Independent European Parliament votes to ban single-use plastics in bid to tackle pollution
23 October GreenPeace In pictures: The plastic pollution pandemic
23 October The Guardian   Even our own bodies now contain plastic waste. It's time to get drastic
23 October The Telegraph The only way to end Britain's plastic pollution chaos is by forcing companies to use less