Outperform your competitors with Strategic Online Marketing


Tuesday 4th June
09:00 hrs - 17:00 hrs

King's Venues, London

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Event Summary

Learn how to outperform your competitors; Easily, Quickly and Cost Effectively

In this full-day seminar, Online Marketing expert Frank Orman covers the philosophies, principles and building blocks of Online Marketing. He will also teach you the tools and trade secrets that will enable you to develop and implement a successful, profitable online strategy for your business; get you the rankings that you need to generate new business; and convert your website traffic into real customers and sales.

What will be covered:
  • Principles of Online Marketing & Keyword Research
  • Online Traffic Sources
  • SEO Workshop & Clinic
  • Content Marketing Strategies
  • Site Conversion & Online Salesmanship

Principals of Online Marketing & Keyword Research

The session covers the essential difference between offline and online marketing. We will concentrate largely on keyword research and how to apply the results of your research in order to improve your online strategy and get better results from PPC campaigns and landing page strategies at lower costs.

Online Traffic Sources

Google should not represent the only source of online traffic to your site. Learn about different search engines, different traffic sources, and how to build an effective mix.

SEO Workshop and Clinic

Search Engine Optimisation should represent about 70% of your targeted traffic. Learn the 3 Building Blocks of SEO, in order to understand how search engines think, to get better rankings and better traffic for your site. We will also discuss some of Google’s recent updates (Penguin and Panda) and how to adjust to keep winning. This session will use delegates’ websites to show real examples for each of you.

Content Marketing Strategies

With the introduction of Google’s Hummingbird Update, online tactics are moving from an SEO-centric approach to a content marketing approach. This introduction to the concepts of content marketing will demonstrate how a content strategy will help you to achieve your marketing objectives, and how by default it shapes your social media strategy.

Site Conversion and Online Salesmanship

On the Internet, your website is your salesperson. How good a salesperson it is depends on factors such as ease of navigation, site copy, speed and deployment of calls to action. Learn site conversion techniques that will make your site perform better and convert more visitors into sales.

Who Should Attend

Suitable for marketing managers and business owners, this day-long seminar and workshop, will give you the knowledge you need to lead your own online marketing success. Presented in “no-jargon” business and marketing speak, you will end the day feeling confident about taking charge of your online marketing strategy.

About the Speaker

Frank Orman is a well respected authority on strategic online marketing and an expert in social media innovation in the UK and worldwide.

In addition to founding specialist London agency LeadGeneratorsDigital, he is a passionate educator and speaker on topics relating to the principles of online marketing, social media concepts, SEO tactics and site conversion strategies. Over the past 20 years he has created and managed successful online marketing strategies and campaigns for many of the UK’s well known brands.

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Frank did an excellent job of bringing the topics to life through demonstrations and the work around looking at each delegate's website for real-life examples.

Megan Trimble, Custard Communications

I thought the tips he gave for easy ways to start making a difference with SEO were great and we will definitely use them.

Judith Sloane, Meet Cambridge

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