Mindset: Presence under pressure


Thursday 20 May
10:30 hrs - 11:30 hrs


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Webinar Summary

How to perform at your best during stressful times, so that you gain the results you deserve in the moments that matter

Discover how to overcome anxiety and stress, to look after your wellbeing and achieve peak performance, allowing you to perform at your best in important meetings, with strategies you can use before and during the event to ensure you gain the results you deserve.

You will leave this session feeling more motivated, confident and ready to succeed in your future meetings and events.

This is an interactive session – have a notepad and pen ready!

About Richard Newman 

Richard Newman is an award-winning expert in Communication, Storytelling and Influence.

Richard’s team at UK Body Talk have trained 80,000 people across 46 countries to increase their business results. His team helped one engineering company win over £1.2 billion in new government contracts in just one year by improving the way they communicate, winning 100% of the work they bid for.

He is regularly featured on BBC Radio and TV, discussing the communication styles of leaders. He has also been featured on SKY TV, in the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and Forbes Magazine.

Richard also won the most coveted award in speechwriting, the Cicero Grand Prize Award for Best Speechwriter.

His book, ‘You Were Born To Speak’, is available on Amazon.

 894 Richard Newman

What will be covered:

  • Beliefs Actions Results - discover the power of mindset to transform, your beliefs, your actions and ultimately your results, with examples from sporting legends, Olympic athletes and successful business people

  • Priming - learn how to reach a peak state in your mind before important events, so that you can achieve more tomorrow than you did yesterday

  • Anchors - develop simple anchors that bring you back to your best self, which you can use before and during key events, to settle your state

  • Actions - how we hold ourselves, how we breathe and what we focus on all work together to change the impact of our actions. Learn how to take charge and make sure that everything you do is helping you to achieve your goals


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