mia chief executive Jane Longhurst takes time to reflect as LinkedIn highlights work anniversary

My LinkedIn profile suddenly gained attention this week, not because I made any significant announcement but because the business networking site announced on my behalf that I am celebrating a work anniversary; 15 years.

Apart from the numerous ‘congrats’ messages I also received a number of very welcome personal messages from individuals I have known and worked with during those 15 years – it’s like having a big birthday, a birthday that has led me to reflect on what the association has achieved in the past 15 years.

So, since 2004 I have worked with:

7 Chairs, 3 Treasurers, 4 Company Secretary’s somewhere in the region of 100 Board members and 3 PR Companies and between us I genuinely believe we have achieved a huge amount for the industry, we have:

  • Significantly increased membership from 320 to a fantastic 800
  • Launched the accreditation scheme for the industry, AIM
  • Gained government recognition for AIM
  • Achieved Government funding for dozens of NW venues to achieve AIM
  • Launched miaTouchstone the industry monthly benchmarking report
  • Launched the MIA sister company MSS which is now successfully funding legacy projects
  • Launched and grown the now industry renowned miaList recognising the great talent in the sector
  • Delivered 6 conferences and in the region of 300 training seminars
  • Launched mia ‘Connect’ events and created opportunities for venues to meet hundreds of agents
  • Launched a member portal
  • Hosted a series of VIP lunches with guest speakers
  • Hosted a series of roundtables designed to get the industry thinking together
  • Driven a Mental Health in the workplace campaign
  • Driven the #20PercentLess campaign supporting members as they work to reduce their reliance on single-use plastic

There have been many more achievements for which the Association can be genuinely proud, and I am sure there will be many more to come.  Right now, we are working on legacy projects that will modernise the AIM system, we are working on a new research model which will make data input at member level super simple and we are hoping to introduce a system that will transform the costly process of customer feedback collection services and service benchmarking.  

It’s always been a great time to be an mia member and 2020, being the year in which we celebrate the mia’s 30th Anniversary will be one of the best!