Meet the speaker: Helen Sandman

Let's get emotional 💜 (and some other free stuff) 👌  

Helen Sandman 

Helen Sandman

Since 2005 Helen Sandman has been helping hotels and venues differentiate their approach and improve their results. Her clients include Park Plaza, Valor Hospitality, Marriott, Uniworld, Trafalgar Travel as well as many independent businesses.

Helen is a Master of the Institute of Sales Management and her work is endorsed by the UK’s leading body for sales professionals and the CPD. MG Sales Performance was runner up at the British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Awards in 2018 and is a previous winner of a National Sales Award.

Do you want to stand out from your competitors and forge better relationships with your customers? Most sales people say they do but only the select few know how or indeed actually do it.  Who are you?

In this session Helen explores the role of emotion in the buying process and how sellers can use this to elevate their relationships and achieve more sales.

Curious about the other free stuff? – well you’ll have to wait and see!

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