Read how the new API feed between Events500 and miaTouchtone adds value and benefit to mia member users, and more.

What does the new API feed between Events500 and miaTouchtone do and what is the benefit?

The new API feeds summary booking data from Events500i to miaTouchstone at the point a booking is confirmed. Touchstone uses this information to send a pre-event feedback form to the booker focussing on the sales process. Any changes which are made to the booking in the lead up to the event are automatically updated in the miaTouchstone system ready for the post event feedback form to be sent which focusses on the event delivery. The integration cuts out the administration time taken by manually having to update the miaTouchstone system with each event booking. This in turn means more feedback forms get sent out, more feedback is received, and more accurate benchmarking data is gathered helping every venue using both platforms to deliver better events.

What does the Events500 platform deliver to your customers?

Events500i is a browser-based event management system launched in 2010 which is designed to provide meeting and event venues with an easy to use, robust, end-to-end solution from the point of enquiry to invoice and beyond.

Key features include:

  • Instant Proposals - Proposals hit venue's prospect’s inbox seconds after them putting the phone down giving venues the best chance to convert new business enquires.
  • Schedule Chases - Automatic chases can be scheduled at each step of the booking process to ensure key activities are completed.
  • Contract Signing - Easily generate and send contracts to customers, which they can then digitally sign without the need for any printing or scanning.
  • Dashboard and reports - A flexible dashboard has been added to our latest version to provide instant business snap shots, and a powerful report suite produces detailed reports in seconds.
  • CRM - Build sales strategies with comprehensive CRM functionality specifically designed to help improve customer relations and increase sales.
  • Integration - Integration with accounts systems, e-mail servers, 3rd party enquiry providers, bedroom management systems and more allow venues to pick the systems they want to use alongside Events500

How can the business meetings and events industry benefit from using your service?

We are based solely in the UK allowing us to focus entirely on our UK-based venues’ objectives, which we deliver through efficient development and outstanding customer support when implementing each Events500i database. By listening to what each venue wants to get out of Events500i we ensure that our customers can make the most of their investment in our software. In this way the Events500i products, alongside our integrations with other software solutions such as Instant Book by and Touchstone by the mia, give venues new opportunities to increase sales and improve their services. Integration between software is becoming increasingly important as it allows venues to choose best of breed systems for each element of their business.

Why is the business meetings and events industry a key market for your organisation?

As a dedicated UK events management system company, we focus all our time on improving functionality and support for our venues. The UK meeting and events industry is our only market and as such we keep abreast of trends to make sure Events500i continues to develop in the relevant ways venues require. Latterly, due to staff shortages in our industry we have been increasingly focused on more automation to save our users time, so for example, through their own customer portal our venues bookers can access their documents, update their own table plans and make online payments without the need for venue staff intervention.

What do you find most exciting about the sector?

It’s exciting to work with our customers at a time when the M&E industry is working hard to find smart solutions to provide guests with the very best experience. Tech solutions are playing a huge part in the hospitality sector, and we’re excited to be able to grow and develop our offering.