Partnership Opportunities with the mia


Selecting the right partner to help you stretch your marketing budget is critical to your organisation's reputation and credibility.  Working with the right partners will help your reputation soar, choosing the wrong partner will, at the very least, mean wasted budget and possibly reputational damage.  It’s a minefield but one that is traversable if, like many high-profile organisations, you identify and work alongside other successful brands. For more information, please email Rose McDonald, General Manager at


Event Sponsorship with the mia

Event sponsorship, first and foremost offers the opportunity to partner with the mia when we are leading a project that meets many of your objectives.  As a secondary benefit, event sponsorship gives you the opportunity to harness the power of collective credibility.

If you’re looking to stretch your marketing budget, here are 6 really good reasons to sponsor an mia event:



Sponsorship puts your brand visually in front of large audiences who may not have heard of your business. You get press and social media mentions before, during, and after the event.   With some of the mia’s sponsorship plans you could also receive featured advertisings, blogs, speaker spots and photo opportunities, all of which will boost brand recognition.

Not only will we put you in front of our 700 plus members but we will guarantee that you will get extended exposure in a campaign lasting at least 12 weeks and for the larger event, up to 12 months.



mia events are carefully targeted which means you can be too.  Work with us and you will know you are reaching highly engaged customers.

Our extensive membership represents organisations that are highly active participants in the meetings and events industry; owners and operators of hotels and venues, leaders of hotel and venue sales teams and bookers of meetings and events.



Customers form positive opinions when your business is closely tied to high-profile events such as the miaList, the mia’s Annual Conference or the fast paced mia Sales HIIT.   Select any one of the mia’s quality events, or perhaps a series of events, and customers will identify your organisation as reliable and reputable.

Your sponsorship of any mia event will intrinsically link you to an organisation with a reputation second to none; we have a history of leading the quality agenda through provision of an accreditation scheme, of driving and sharing best practice and providing vital business intelligence.  We are a quality organisation which can only enhance your brand.


Lead Generation

Not only do mia events bring you compatible customers, they also show the human side of your business and as an added benefit you can attend the event you choose to support in person to help you develop your business network.

By attending in person, you can learn about customers, promote your products, and build a mailing list.



Strengthening your business image is one of the most valuable benefits of event sponsorship. Customers love brands that care about spreading positive messages. Linking your business to a worthy event such as the miaList can draw lasting support and media attention.


Content Strategy

Sponsorship of an mia event provides fresh material to expand your content strategy.

By connecting with the event on social media, you can find relevant audiences to target. The mia’s most popular events get a lot of engagement, which you can use to create content themes or promote your own hashtags. And it doesn’t end with the event, we know that attendees share photos, quotes, videos, and blogs which all help you to get exposure to much larger networks.



  • The mia has over 700 members representing hotels, conference centres, booking agents and suppliers to the industry. The demographic of our key contacts looks like this:
      • Owners and Operators 21%
      • General Managers  10%
      • Sales Director and Business Development  32%
      • Operations  10%
      • Marketing 24%
      • Other  3%
  • We are highly active on social media with 5400 twitter followers and we are actively growing this audience.
  • We have an engaging website which includes a member only forum and a whole raft of content which we update daily.
  • We operate a huge programme of events which range from business breakfasts and seminars to industry awards and thought leadership events.
  • We work with one of the best PR companies in the sector who are keen to help us promote our sponsors.
  • We can tailor a sponsorship arrangement for you or you can select from one of our sponsorship packages which are designed to give great exposure.