Future Fit Conference 2021

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Event Summary

Planning your offer in the business meetings and events industry used to be a fairly standard formula with a focus on service, space and food; if you got that right you had business customers wanting your space and signing contracts.

Is it very different today? 

Well no, the formula is still the same, it’s just the how and the what is offered and how you reach your customers that have changed,  along of course with a fiercely competitive market place where your offer has to stand out.

While you are keeping abreast of the current challenges, winning business, working towards sustainability, recruiting talent, are you looking forward?  Are you future-proofing your business?

The MIA helps you address the future with their carefully crafted, fast-moving Future Fit conference with a programme that will take you on a journey through what your future customer will expect, what the food trends will be, what future space will look like, how service delivery will be enhanced with AI and how, given the multi-generational customers you will be trying to attract, you will need to talk to your audience.

The programme is packed with 1st class speakers and our host for the day Celia Delaney will take us at pace through the sessions. 

Come with an open mind and you will leave with the ability to plan for the future:

  • how you will need to evolve your business to meet the future
  • how to influence your customers
  • how to deliver customer expectations
  • how to use AI and robotics in a service setting

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