Meet the speaker: Dr Geoff Kendall

Making your business Future-Fit

Dr Geoff Kendall

In today’s ever-more uncertain world, leading companies know they must find new ways to create value - for themselves and society as a whole. But charting a path to success is not easy. That’s because the environmental, social and economic challenges we all face - from climate change to mass inequality - are urgent, huge and complex. In short, they are systemic - and so we need to change the system if we are going to fix them.

That’s easy to say, but what does ‘change the system' really mean? And what can any one company hope to do to ensure it is part of the solution and not the problem? The good news is that we have the answers, thanks to 30+ years of scientific research. And in this session you’ll hear how the Future-Fit Business Benchmark has translated those answers into a practical - and free - tool, which can help any company identify exactly how it needs to evolve to succeed in the face of today's biggest challenges.

The journey to a flourishing future will not be easy, but the Future-Fit Business Benchmark gives us something that has been sorely lacking: a clear destination to aim for, and a way to steer toward it.


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