Meet the speaker: Declan Curry

Beyond Brexit

Declan Curry
Declan Curry

With Britain's departure from the European Union just days away, what are the prospects for the UK's economy and society? Broadcaster and journalist Declan Curry has been thinking and writing about business, politics and the economy for more than 25 years. He will share his perspective on how businesses and consumers might adapt to this historic change. Well-known for his direct speaking and occasional wit, he'll explore how your industry might prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and outline some of the other global issues we should be talking about once we've stopped banging on about Brexit every hour of the day ... 

Declan Curry is a journalist, speaker and presenter, famed for his role as business correspondent for BBC Belfast, drawing on his vast journalistic experience and knowledge of current affairs. Having been writing and speaking about business and the economy for more than two decades, Declan has chaired a multitude of conferences, facilitated company meetings and hosted awards ceremonies. Declan’s TV and radio presence have seen coverage of his economic explanations globally, including daily broadcast segments from London for ABC News in the United States. 

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