COVID-19: Recent Industry Findings

As the principal association for the meetings and events industry we have been engaging with our members to find out more about how COVID-19 may be having an impact upon organisations.

 Social Distancing Survey - 9 June


As part of our continued liaison with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS), a second social distancing survey was developed and findings supplied to government on 9 June 2020 to contribute to their intelligence.

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Research report - May 2020


Following an urgent request on 28 April 2020 to provide information to DCMS, a survey was prepared to ask our members to consider the effects of social distancing on their businesses.

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On 15 April 2020, we announced that of responses to a recent survey to the industry: 

  • Almost all (98%) responding organisations have adapted their approach to managing cancellations and postponements where necessary. 

  • 59% of responding organisations have events scheduled to take place in June, with many (87%) having events scheduled in the calendar for the backend of 2020 (October-December). 

  • 86% of responding organisations feel the government hasn’t offered enough support for the industry, with:
     - 68% wanting greater recognition of the events sector
     - 55% wanting more flexible furlough terms provided by government, such as giving employees the option to volunteer back to the business.
     - 35% wanting faster access to grants

  • 46% of responding organisations highlighted that they could survive with little or no income for greater than 90 days, while 12% say that cannot survive beyond 3 weeks.

  • 12% of responding organisations have applied for a loan under the Government’s Business Interruption Loan Scheme, with a 50% success rate in those to have received a response (10). 

  • 60% of responding organisations highlighted that more than 50% of its organisation’s staff have been furloughed, while 18% highlighted that no staff were yet to be furloughed. 

  • 95% of responding organisations highlighted that no redundancies have yet been made within their organisation.

  • 62% of responding organisations state that payments to booking agents are being processed according to the agreed terms, while 7% have increased the day terms of payments to agents and 12% have withheld payment due to the organisation being closed. 

  • 52% of responding organisations have highlighted that contracts have had to be cancelled with suppliers, while 24% have had to withhold payments and 55% have had to request more flexible rates. 

Developments in findings will be highlighted accordingly. 

*All published results are from surveys in which more than 100 responses have been received.