In the spotlight: Tracey P, Core Process

With the meetings and events industry full of exceptional talent, it's important to recognise the valuable range of insight we have available within the mia network. We caught up with Core Process' Tracey Powiesnik to get her thoughts on the industry and find out more about the emotional intelligence service.

Tell us a bit more about Core Process. How can the industry benefit from working with you?

Core Process builds energised, focused and agile teams that form purpose-led, and values-driven engaged cultures.

In an industry that is so reliant upon people the ability of its employees to adapt to the demands of business, to work as one team and to have the skills to communicate and collaborate effectively is crucial.

Emotional Intelligence is at the core of every person. It determines how well we build relationships, make decisions, cope with challenges, lead others and manage stress.

Where there are people there are always skills that can be upgraded, relationships that can be better understood, communication styles that can be enhanced and conflict that can be avoided and/or managed. We work with leaders, individuals and teams offering 1:1 coaching, mentoring, consultancy and training programs

What is exciting you about the meetings and events industry at the moment?

The industry is realising that to make a difference and sustain performance it's about developing and engaging their people and not just cost control.

More investment is being made in employees with a focus on personal development, academy programmes, and development plans.  It is being recognised that people drive performance and that performance then drives profit.  

What do you think are the greatest challenges the industry is currently facing?

The industry has one of the highest turnover rates of any industry. High turnover contributes to a ‘revolving door culture’.  With this, every customer/guest and employee interaction risks a bad customer experience that can quickly become a social media nightmare and ultimately a threat to business reputation and stability. If the organisation’s culture is purely transactional with both its customers and employees, then dysfunctional silos are created and profits crash.

Reports show that there will be a catastrophic staffing shortage of more than a million workers over the next decade, so having an engaged team and strong staff retention strategy will be crucial for businesses during these challenging times.

How can Core Process help the industry overcome these challenges?

We work with businesses by helping them build resilient fully engaged teams, that drive the right customer experience and culture to maximise profitability and customer loyalty.

We measure engagement at a granular level to build action-centered strategies that plot a course out of dysfunction and towards full team engagement. We achieve this by breaking down silos, strengthening leadership to build high performing, energised, focused and agile teams.

Improving engagement not only creates a better work environment but also solves some of their biggest challenges – like recruitment and retention. People want to stay, contribute and build success.

Where can people go to find out more about Core Process?  

We work closely with businesses to understand the outcomes they require and provide coaching and training that is relevant to the business needs, suitable to the team requirements and transformational.

Visit www.coreprocess.co to book time to discuss your unique challenges and while you are there check out blogs and sign up to receive our Ebook – ‘Attributes of a High Performing Team’.