In the spotlight: Simone Martorina, Epson UK

With the meetings and events industry full of exceptional talent, we feel it’s important to recognise the valuable range of insight we have available within the mia network. Working closely with not just venues, we are proud to have developed valuable relationships with some of the industry’s leading suppliers, so we caught up with business manager of Epson UK, Simeone Martorina, to find out more about Epson UK's role within the industry. 

What solutions do Epson offer the business meetings and events industry?

Epson’s long serving commitment to the business meetings and events industry has helped us harness a deep understanding of how our world-leading projector technology can continue to meet the evolving needs of our customers. In business, we consider productivity and efficiency to be the keys to success, which is why Epson’s display solutions are designed to redefine corporate presenting and ensure efficient and productive meetings in any working environment. At the same time, Epson’s success in the changing world of visual communications means we can now offer the events industry the ability to think brighter, bolder, bigger and more creatively across the largest and most sophisticated venues. 

How can the business meetings and events industry benefit from using Epson?

When it comes to business meetings and events, display size matters. Our solutions produce scalable display sizes up to 500 inches to match any venue and audience, showing content in bright, colourful detail, wherever it’s presented. Size and quality are key to total engagement, whether in a meeting or at an event, and because Epson’s display solutions are easier on the eyes than flat panel devices, this means we see an increased level of understanding and productivity through the content shown.

Getting results is one thing but maintenance and user-intervention is another and we are endlessly working to reduce complications that could potentially face IT service support, channel partners and end-users. ‘Fit-and-forget’ is an inherent quality amidst our product portfolio, and impressive warranties of up to five years mean the business meetings and events industry can enjoy a more guaranteed sense of reliability when it comes to Epson’s display solutions.

Flexibility is key for any business meeting and event, and we aim to ensure that our display solutions have comprehensive support and connectivity to match any set up or situation. Our dedicated apps and software are extremely versatile and make it easy for people to make contributions from their own devices whether in the room or in another country, monitoring one device or several.

And finally, Epson products have been designed with sustainability in mind, while many of our projectors are also TCO Certified. TCO Certified is an independent affirmation that Epson is making responsible choices and reaching sustainability standards that are recognised across the globe. This strict initiative applies to technology companies and is based on tough social and environmental criteria that apply throughout the entire product life cycle.

Why is the business meetings and events industry a key market for Epson?

Now more than ever. While businesses are promoting a forward-thinking and productive workplace, entertainment, corporate and other event holders are continuously looking at new and innovative ways to exceed visitor expectations.

The evolution in place and the will to innovate in both meeting and event spaces represents a huge potential for Epson.

What is exciting about the sector?

The business meetings and events industry has allowed Epson and its end-users to explore the unknown and challenge conventional methods of displaying content in different ways and in different environments. Meeting spaces and event requirements are continuously evolving, and we find ourselves at the forefront of change thanks to our flexible, robust, all-in-one solutions.

What challenges is the sector currently facing?

Many challenges follow a lack of understanding around Epson’s 3LCD projector technology and how this opens so many avenues for the organisations in terms of quality, flexibility, and savings on cost, time (user-intervention) and energy consumption. Not all organisations have the resources or time to explore the IT market space ahead of their display installations, leaving them to side with flat-panel as a familiar default, but which may not serve their requirements to the fullest.

Inefficient meetings can be a huge source of frustration, as well as wasted time/resources. Our solutions eliminate this problem because they make the set-up fast and easy, provide reliable connection to a wealth of devices and locations, produce superb images to work on, which can be saved and shared for later use.

Furthermore, businesses are always looking for the best support available when it comes to technology, without having to worry about potential faults and downtime. Epson provides exceptional support and total peace of mind with CoverPlus365. Features range from pre-sales advice and replacement products to post-sales assistance. We give access to our experts and service centre network as well as onsite maintenance training and priority support.

 How can Epson help the industry help overcome these challenges?

 The market place for Pro-AV projectors is only increasing, while modern work environments, including working from home, means there is an increasingly educated outlook on what technology should be used to support companies. An important part of our sales strategy is based around proof of concept, where we can show organisations the full range of benefits enjoyed by existing owners of Epson’s display solutions and offer more context to how we can support them.

How do people find out more?

Call our helpline (0844 409 9010 for UK or 01 436 7742 for RoI) or visit: