In the spotlight: Marcus Jamieson-Pond, JamPondPhotography

With the business meetings and events sector full of exceptional talent, it's important to recognise the valuable range of insight we have available within the mia network. We caught up with JamPondPhotography founder Marcus Jamieson-Pound to find out more about his role within the sector. 

Please tell us more about JamPondPhotography

JamPondPhotography is the photography business of Marcus Jamieson-Pond, a life-long lover of the captured image.

What do you offer the business meetings and events sector?

Having studied psychology and previously worked in HR, my background means that I have a pretty good sense of how people behave and when to point the camera.  My areas of expertise are very much corporate conferences; networking events; dinners (formal and informal); as well as covering mass participation activities - I do quite a lot for charity, but don't like to talk about it. I also take a lot of headshots (including almost 700 lawyers in one day for International Women's Day) and I've been known to shoot the odd wedding too.

What has been your favourite event to work on?

Too many to mention.  The first time I did a shoot in Parliament was nerve-racking and The Big Issue sponsored fundraisers are always exciting (even if they go on all night).  I like to treat every assignment in the same way and I have never failed to learn something about the people and organisations I've worked with.

How would you describe your photography style?

I like candid work, although am equally at home with 'cruise ship' smile at the camera. I think it is very important to work unobtrusively and respectfully to the events unfolding in front of the lens. I always like it when a client tells me that they didn't notice my presence. If there is a smile in the room, I generally find it.

What do you find most exciting about the business meetings and events sector?

I love meeting new people and as a photographer, I get invited to some amazing places and have had the chance to be the fly on the wall as events unfold in front of my camera. I get great satisfaction when I see the results being used by the client. Of course, I should add that I'm very excited to be working with mia on your events too.

Where can people go to find out more about your services?

Best place to go is www.jampondphotgraphy.com which has lots of examples of previous shoots and then email me at marcus@jampondphotography.com to talk about your projects.