In the spotlight: Adam Ronald, Profit Systems Inc.

There’s no doubt that suppliers play a fundamental part in the successful delivery of business meetings and events. We recently caught up with Adam Ronald, Operations Manager at Profit Systems Inc. to discuss how their management software solutions can support event venues, event planners, and caterers as we look towards the future.

Please tell us more about Profit Systems Inc. 

Established in 1985, Profit Systems Inc. (PSI) is the developer of the globally recognized software solution, EventPro Software.  Available as a cloud or on-prem application, EventPro is the comprehensive management software system for event venues & facilities, event planning professionals, and top caterers.

At EventPro Software, we believe the key to our success is our dedication to constantly improving our product with proven new technologies, based on consultation with valued long-term clients and industry professionals. Our clients from a range of diverse industries, including event venues, conference facilities, theatres, caterers, Government, Councils, and Universities, rely on EventPro to optimize their facility resources and streamline all facets of event management.

How can the business meetings and events industry benefit from using your service?

In today’s fast-paced environment, planning and executing an event can be quite challenging without the right tools at your disposal. If you’ve already tried paper calendars or spreadsheets, you probably discovered that they just can’t do the whole job; writing down the room, client, and time is not enough. You may even have tried so-called “venue booking systems” and learned the hard way that you need a more sophisticated solution for venue booking management.

That’s where EventPro Software steps in. With all your information centralized in one solution, you will benefit from the ability to:

  •  Increase productivity & efficiency
  •  Keep finances organized & accurate
  •  Standardize scheduling procedures
  •  Enhance communications, internally & externally
  •  Eliminate time-wasting “busywork”
  •  Improve customer service
  •  Increase utilization of available space
  •  Make better informed decisions

What solutions do you offer the business meetings and events industry?

The business meeting and events industry is always changing and evolving. To meet this demand, our software solution provides a competitive advantage where we offer an all-in-one solution, which can be deployed in a number of environments, offering you a powerful customised solution to cater to all the challenges industry professionals face.

EventPro’s modular design features a standard base of core functionality, with a wide variety of optional modules that can be seamlessly integrated, tailoring the system to each client’s needs. Behind EventPro’s easy-to-navigate tabbed interface is the relational database that stores and organises every detail, linking data across all components. With accurate, current information covering the entire management process (bookings, resource details, finances, clients, and much more), EventPro users can collaborate in real time, optimize the use of resources without conflicts, and consult in-depth reports for informed decision making. EventPro’s guided wizards ensure that users follow consistent processes and capture all necessary details. The main purpose of EventPro’s design is efficiency - removing the burden of repetitive busywork so clients can concentrate on providing superior customer service and elevated event experiences.

Why is the business meetings and events industry a key market for your organisation?

Meetings and events are one of the main industry verticals we serve. We rely on professionals in the meetings and events sector for feedback on how our software can benefit and best serve this industry. We listen to our clients and their ever-evolving needs; we believe this to be the key to the overwhelming success of our products and the constant real business value that we bring to our clients.

In light of COVID-19, what do you think are the greatest challenges the industry is currently facing? And how can you help overcome these challenges?

The events industry plays an important role in bringing people together. We are social by nature; people love to attend events to engage with others, learn something new, and be inspired.  In light of COVID -19, this has impacted the way we deliver events. The event industry has been hit very hard, with events being cancelled and our inability to host events without significant restrictions being put in place.

With these changes, event organisers require a platform that streamlines how they communicate with their target audience. Through the use of EventPro Software, we have had to introduce new features to accommodate the way events are delivered, such as the contact tracing module to help with self-check-in to events to comply with the current COVID-19 restrictions in place. We also have online modules to help streamline communication channels, such as the EPConnect Attendee Online registration module, and the EPConnect Booking and Inquiry modules.

What do you find most exciting about the sector?

The creativity in times of adversity is most exciting to see.  Industry professionals have paved the way with new and innovative ideas to keep audiences engaged. Profit Systems Inc. is excited to help event organisers use EventPro Software to develop technological efficiencies that assist in their day-to-day roles.

Where can people go to find out more about your services?

The best starting point to gain a better understanding of EventPro Software and the professional services we have to offer is our website. 

You can also speak to one of our solutions consultants at 0333 022 0385. We would love to hear from you to provide a consultative approach in helping you learn about all the different things EventPro can do specifically for your organisation.