Meet the speaker: Azeem Azhar

Why You Should Actually Care about the Future of Work

Azeem Azhar
Azeem Azhar

The world of work is changing. But why are we dedicating so much time and energy to discussing the future of work? It’s not the first time society and the economy has undergone such a major shift. Even though artificial intelligence, automation and gig work are disrupting some job markets, technological change has happened before. In fact, it’s happening all the time. So where do these conversations originate from - who cares, who should care and why? In curating his newsletter Exponential View Azeem Azhar reckons he’s read up to 60 million words on the societal implications of technology. This makes him the ideal person to accompany us on a deep exploration of the changing world of employment. 

Award-winning product entrepreneur, Azeem Azhar, is the curator of Exponential View, a strategist and analyst with a wealth of knowledge in the business of technology. He currently works as the senior advisor in Artificial Intelligence to the CTO of Accenture whilst serving as a member of the editorial board of the Harvard Business Review. Azeem founded PeerIndex in 2010, applying machine learning to large-scale social media graphs to make calculated predictions about web users. As an investor, he scouts for tech start-ups, particularly in the AI sector.

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