Managing your sales team effectively



Thursday 9 July
10:30 hrs - 11:30 hrs 


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Webinar Summary

As the Captain of the ship, its challenging to always be on your A-Game and constantly try to motivate and inspire your team at all times. Therefore, it’s imperative you have built solid foundations to enable you to achieve this on a consistent basis. In this webinar, Tony Morris will share proven strategies and ideas of how to manage your team successfully and get the best out of them on a daily basis. He will provide recommendations on how to upskill every member of your team to ensure their knowledge levels are second to none.

About Tony Morris

Tony Morris is an International sales speaker, best-selling author of 5 books and MD of an International sales training company. Him and his team have helped develop over 30,000 sales professionals, across 62 industries to perform at the top of their game.

On his podcast, Confessions of a serial seller, Tony has interviewed the top 100 sales performers from around the World, to learn what they do differently to give themselves an unfair advantage over their competitors.

Tony’s sales superpower is he conducts LIVE sales calls on stage to his audiences’ dream prospects and most importantly, he gets results.

Tony Morris 

What will be covered:

  • Your 10 commitments
  • Your mantra
  • Setting and monitoring KPI’s
  • Sales ladders: how to inspire your team on a daily basis
  • Developing a knowledge bible
  • How to critique a sales call and develop your teams’ ability
  • Understand the behaviour of your team members – one size doesn’t fit all

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to get consistency from your team
  • Learn how to measure the team more effectively
  • Learn how to get the best version of your team on a daily basis
  • Learn how to provide constructive feedback on your teams’ sales calls
  • Learn how to adapt to the different members of your team


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