The 7 T's - Taking The Time To Think Things Through



Tuesday 16 June
10:30 hrs - 11:30 hrs 


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Webinar Summary

“The 7Ts” is about ‘Taking The Time To Think Things Through’. Many people are considering following new avenues and exploring new areas of work. Others are re-educating themselves and training in different disciplines or becoming specialists in their key area of expertise. Deciding what is right for you, is an important choice and one that needs be carefully considered. Those who relish a return to their existing jobs and work places, will also experience new challenges which may take some time to get used to and embrace. They may be new ways of working and new pressures on us all. How do we deal with these without knowing what they are?

About James Lee

Passionate about people and the world of events, I am dedicated to helping businesses fulfil their potential through their people. Creating environments where people can thrive and perform to the best of their ability is what motivates me. Training, coaching, development and leadership are what inspires me and is the cocktail that encourages people to perform and businesses to grow. Over 25 years in hospitality, events, senior management, training and coaching has taught me that nothing is ever black and white.

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What will be covered:

  • An opportunity to think about and consider the value of personal and business change

  • Thinking about prioritising time and planning strategically

  • Personal and business action planning


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