Inspiring Change

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Thanks to programmes such as the BBC’s Blue Planet II we’re acutely aware of the impact the world’s reliance on single-use plastics is having on our planet and its occupants. The effects on marine life, so vividly demonstrated in the programme, are particularly devastating.

Public awareness is now at an all-time high and if we don’t do anything about the issue, in 2025 the ratio of fish to plastic in our oceans will be three-to-one; one kilogram of plastic for every three kilograms of fish.  However, single-use plastics is only one of the sustainability challenges we are all now facing as businesses.

There has been a massive consumer shift which has mainstreamed the debate about sustainability, climate change and the effects individuals and organisations have in contributing to this issue which has now translated into a demand for transparency on the sustainability and impacts of organisations.

It’s been further effected by policy, governments and investment taking us beyond pledges and platitudes, to clarity on commitments and solutions.

The mia launched the #20PercentLess campaign in 2019 and now, in response to the multitude of sustainability challenges we as a sector face, we have now developed our  'Inspiring Change' programme which aims to reach venues, hotels, caterers and suppliers in the UK business meetings and events sector supporting them on their sustainability journey. 

The next five years will be a true test for our sector in terms of our ability to adapt and transition; the industry will need to work in partnership to seek out opportunities and be part of the solution or contribute to enabling solutions for our sector to enable us to respond to the challenge proactively and sustainably

The mia is determined to educate and share and so has created this 'inspiring change' hub to enable the industry to come together and share best practice as we all work towards our sustainability goals.  

Jane Longhurst, Chief Executive
February 2020