Stop and Think – Rich Pleeth


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Rich Pleeth

Rich has just founded his first startup, Sup, a free app that makes chance encounters and serendipitous moments with friends happen more often. Previously he was Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at GetTaxi responsible for growing the GetTaxi brand in London, New York, Russia and Israel. In his role Rich grew the business 400% YoY and raised over $207m in venture capital. He previously led the Google Chrome, Search and brand marketing for the UK, securing Chrome the world’s number one browser position. He executed an online and offline Chrome campaign using The Cambridge Satchel Company. He was the lead for Google UK homepage doodles, ‘Think Quarterly’ publication and launched Google’s GetMobile initiative to help brands develop the mobile web.

In his free time Rich is a keen kitesurfer and adventurous traveler, crossing the finish line at the Mongol Rally in 2012 and travelled to North Korea in 2013.



Stop and Think

Friday 12th June 2015
BMA House, London

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