Importance of Positive attitude in Customer Service

Eamonn Cole – CEME Conference Centre Director

When we are talking to a customer it is also important not only act like we are listening but actually listen and respond. When we understand the problem of a customer and able to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes; only then we have a chance of dealing with a complaint effectively

Internet is more powerful nowadays then anything ever before. Information travels fast from one point of the Globe to another and customer are sharing experiences throughout the social media platforms.

Various studies shows that whilst a customer who had a great experience might never share it, a customer who had a bad experience will share it at least with 10 people.

Our society has a taste for bad news, for some reason our headlines are usually about a disaster and we love to hear about celebrities-fall-outs

Customer service providers must be alarmed all the time and have every team member trained on how to handle complaints effectively.

Poor customer service providers likely to lose customers as now a new practise of ‘checking companies out’ online started to be the new trend.

Source: LinkedIn

Andrew Stewart

Awful Customer Service I would not normally take to LinkedIn to complain about a company but I’m interested in the views of my connections. I have today tried returning items of clothing that were purchased online to a #sportsdirect retail outlet at Middlebrook Bolton. Despite having the receipts, all packaging and one of the items being damaged. A refund to my credit card was refused and they would only offer a credit note. When pushed on this the member of staff hid behind ‘distance selling laws’ and told me it wasn’t possible. I was so enraged by the Customer Service, I left the items purchased  in the store. So I now have a ‘loss loss situation’ (no clothing, no credit, no nothing). Interestingly I didn’t have this problem with M&S from whom I also purchased clothing online and needed to return items. Therefore Are #mikeashely and #sportsdirect trying it on with customer who purchase online?  Am I overreacting about this being an example of awful customer services?

Negative online feedbacks also very lethal for any business as it can create a chain, which collects others who might share similar experience from the same company.

So the person who would not have complained or commented about the poor customer service online, after reading someone else’s similar experience will then share that experience. Negative online feedbacks therefore not only damaging as they spread fast but they also encouraging others to share their complaint.

After Andrew Stewart added that feedback to his LinkedIn and shared it with his connections; it had replies:

Sarah BA(Hons)

I ordered a pair of football boots that never came and requested a refund which I didn’t get and am still waiting for it, this is since March. They are not returning any of my emails. I will never shop there again.

The new digital age brought complaining to a higher level, where customers can share any experience and opinion freely, sometimes even anonymously

Within hospitality, firstly we had Tripadvisor as a platform of sharing experiences and helping fellow customers when they are making holiday plans. The tool proved to be so successful that ever since almost all websites started to offer feedback tools, customer satisfaction surveys and many other options for people to share and share and share.

One complaint which a company is not aware of or fail to deal with; can cause a long term damage on the business’ creditability

There are many great tools exist to help a company to provide better customer service.

The World Host ‘Principles of Customer Service’ programme is one of the best and will give your staff the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver excellent customer service, giving your business the excellent reputation it deserves.

The benefits:

The interactive programme teaches staff crucial customer service skills that can lead to:

•        Increased revenue, repeat business, average spends and net sales

•        Better communication between staff and customers

•        Improved internal communication

•        Increased staff motivation, and therefore reduced staff turnover and absenteeism

•        Higher quality assurance ratings and improved scores on sites like TripAdvisor

•        When you train 50% or more of your front-line staff using any of the WorldHost programmes, you can also apply to become a WorldHost Recognised Business – a ‘must-have’ badge for customer service.

Who should take the course:

The course is ideal for any member of staff that has day-to-day interaction with customers – whether they’re an assistant, supervisor, department head or director.

It’s also relevant to staff in non-customer-facing roles; many of our clients report that the training improves internal communication well as across front-line customer service.

What the course covers:

•        The role of all staff in delivering outstanding customer care

•        Giving positive first impressions

•        Communication and listening skills to create excellent rapport with customers

•        Generating revenue for your business through customer service excellence

•        ‘Going the extra mile’

•        Nationally-recognised qualifications

The programme can also be used to achieve a nationally-recognised qualification, the ‘Level 2 Award’ in the ‘Principles of Customer Service in Retail or Hospitality, Leisure, Travel and Tourism’.*


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