Mark Gallen is the director of MG Sales performance and an overall sales specialist. MG Sales performance remain dedicated to helping sales leaders to achieve great sales performance – they believe the only sustainable competitive advantage is learning faster than your competitors. We caught up with the newly appointed miaList judge for a short Q&A to discover what he will be looking for from individuals and how they can stand out.

Why did you agree to be part of the prestigious miaList judging panel?

I’ve been fortunate enough to be a nominee and winner of training awards and so I’m curious how a judging process works. Also Mia Butler is a very persuasive person and convinced me it was something that I would be good at doing. I don’t like to disagree with her.

Why is it important for industry associations like the mia to showcase individuals in the sector?

Recognition can be an important motivator for many people and I think it’s healthy to celebrate success and hopefully inspire others to be better.

Are there any specific things you will be looking for in the nominations?

Authenticity and the ability to make a difference.

Do you have any advice on making a nomination shine?

Pulling on my own experience as a nominee my advice would be to put a little bit of emotion into the nominee’s story, so it that will resonate with the judges, it’s not all about the logic.

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