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Kay England is chief executive of imago, with responsibility for the strategic direction of Burleigh Court, The Link Hotel, Holywell Park Conference Centre, commercial sales for Loughborough University, student accommodation and catering, event management and cafes and retail outlets on campus and on the Science Park.

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Kay England, Chief Executive, imago

There are many benchmarks a venue can achieve to highlight its attention to quality and customer service. However, most of these are achieved as the result of an external audit. For example, AIM accreditation, Investors in People and Green Business Tourism. The list goes on.

Whilst I recognise the importance of these awards in showcasing to customers that a venue meets high standards, and we at imago have achieved all of those mentioned, I believe there are other important milestones which go beyond this and are the true recognition of a venue’s commitment to quality over a long period of time.
Longevity is a true milestone in any venue’s history. And this year imago celebrates its 25th anniversary. I have been at the helm as chief executive for the past 15 years, and recognise how far we have come. I’m extremely proud of our achievements – our vision has always been to exceed customer expectations, whether they are here for business or leisure.

Excellent customer service is at the heart of everything venues should do, and can be achieved through being creative, passionate and focused. Reaching high standards, however, is not possible without the commitment of a venue’s staff. I strongly believe that without a strong team we would not have been able to accomplish the high levels of excellence that imago has attained over the last quarter of a century.

However, it is not a time to just look back at what we have achieved. It’s also a time to look forward. In order to continue exceeding customers’ expectations, venues need to listen to their feedback so they can improve and evolve as an organisation.  For example, the extensive research projects we have carried out over the last two years have given us a real insight into how we can work with our business clients to ensure their events meet the needs of their delegates.

Achieving excellence is an on-going process. As we look to build on the success of the last 25 years we will continue to look for ways to improve, working in partnership with customers, so imago remains a beacon in the industry for high standards.


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