“The MIA has at its core a powerful engine of skilled meetings professionals”

An Interview with Andrew Mosley, MIA chairman – One Month in the Job

Andrew Mosley, General Manager of the Grand Hotel Brighton, was elected MIA chairman on 7th April 2014 at the association’s 24th AGM. He’s now been in the job a month; long enough to make an impression? Andrew seems to think so and his actions so far certainly show him as a chairman who has hit the ground running. The purpose of this interview was to capture a snapshot of the new chairman after his first month in the role, at a time when enthusiasm is tangible, the plans for progress are ambitious and expectations are high; here’s what he said.

Q. It’s one month since you became MIA chairman, can you briefly describe; Andrew Mosley, chairman of the meetings industry association? What attracted you to the role and what characteristics do you bring to it?

I became involved with the mia while I was at QHotels at Norton Park and we were the first business to go through the AIM Higher process and the first to achieve AIM Silver. This was reward in itself, but what was even more rewarding was the involvement with an association that sets its main aim as improving the meetings industry across a number of core factors. I’m a great believer in the idiom, ‘you get back what you put in’ and the mia is the embodiment of this. Having spent at least 10 of my 20 years as a general manager running hotels where meetings and events were a major part of the offer, when I moved to the Grand Brighton I felt compelled to increase my involvement with the association; it made sense.

I saw joining the MIA board as an opportunity to help shape an industry I love; a privilege to put my energy and experience into such a worthwhile extracurricular activity. And now, as chairman, I’m even more impassioned and committed to ensuring my time in the role doesn’t go unnoticed. During the next two years you are going to see that when I set myself to a task, I give it all I’ve got to achieve results.


Q. Have you implemented your first initiative or tackled your first challenge as chairman yet? If so please explain what it is.

Yes, there’s been several. My first job as chairman was to stand in front of a 200 strong audience at Church House Conference Centre to present the miaList 2014. I did this about an hour after I was elected chairman. It was great fun. And everyone involved ensured it was a tremendously successful event.

Then we took the entire MIA board and council for an overnight strategy away day, which Whittlebury Hall very kindly hosted impeccably. The task was to present the strategy to the board and get their ‘buy in’. I wanted to get the entire council engaged, so the MIA has at its core a powerful engine of skilled meetings professionals, firing on all cylinders with the knowledge and experience from all sectors of the industry. In the same week, I visited the team at Kelmarsh to discuss the strategy with them and hear their views. I always enjoy meeting the team and maintaining a good working relationship with the people that make it happen is vital! Later in the same week I hosted the MIA’s third Principals Agent Hosted Dinner, an evening of great networking that brings together venue leaders and leading agents.

Q. Please describe what you see as the mia’s biggest opportunity at the moment?

The association’s primary objective is to grow membership and this is achievable through AIM and especially AIM Higher. The accreditation has all the components in place to ensure a venue is exceptional in both operations and service; the opportunity is to build its profile among buyers. Through various communication strategies, we will instigate a virtuous circle, where buyers pressure venues to be accredited with AIM Higher, this will encourage more venues to seek the accreditation, which in turn raises its profile further.

I believe membership can build quickly on that basis, and this benefits all members. The mia puts all surplus revenue back into member benefits, so as we increase revenue there’ll be more networking events, hosted lunches, training and educational opportunities and all the other great advantages mia membership delivers.

Q. What are your expectations for Council members?

This was part of the reason we took them to Whittlebury Hall, we’re raising the bar on council membership; it’s an altruistic role, they’re here to give back and we’re asking them to be generous. When I put this to them during our first meeting, the response I received was unanimous support. Each and every member expressed their individual enthusiasm to play their role in achieving our objectives. This means a lot to me, when you look at the level of hard earned skills and experience the mia board and council represents, it’s quite phenomenal. We have a well-built team, brimming with talent and I see countless possibilities; I truly believe we have an opportunity to go beyond achievement of our initial goals. We’ll get there by working together and my role is to ensure we maintain the momentum we have now throughout my time as chairman.

Q. Let’s look into the crystal ball. It’s March 2016, your tenure as mia chairman is drawing to its natural end. What three words do you hope your colleagues in the meetings industry would use to describe your chairmanship?

Ah! Now, you’ve put me on the spot! I balk at the thought of what some of them might say! Seriously though, it’s actually not such a difficult question to answer. Given what we’ve set out to achieve through the mia over the next two years and my role in making that happen, I’m going to choose: Successful, Inspiring and Energetic.

‘Successful’ speaks for itself, of course I want us to be successful in what we set out to achieve and I know we will be. ‘Inspiring’, because my primary role as mia chairman is to inspire those in my team. I chose ‘Energetic’ as that’s me, I have bags of energy and enthusiasm for the role, the mia and the industry and I intend to apply it 100 per cent.


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