Recent research undertaken by Lane End Conference Centre, a Buckinghamshire based conference venue, reveals that a staggering 75% of those making an event booking, do not class themselves as a professional events planner.

From a sample of 122 people who book events from 10 to 500 people on a regular basis at the venue only 24.59% described themselves as a professional meeting, conference or event planner.

Given the venues training focused facilities it was unsurprising that a further 9.84% are professional speakers or trainers whilst PAs, who have long been recognised as key buyers, make up 21.31%

However, the remaining 44.26% who fell into the “other” category included HR professionals, administrators, marketing executives and specialists as well as more unusual, non-event related such as welfare officer, commercial director, charity director and head teacher.

Heni Fourie, Director of Sales and Marketing at Lane End Conference Centre, commented; “The latest research suggests that venues might be targeting the wrong audiences when it comes to event booking. Whilst the focus should remain on targeting professional event planners and bookers, venues need to think outside the box to target a wider group of people, right up to and including Senior Managers, and even the Managing Director.”


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